Winter Color

Winter. Brrr. Just saying the word makes me shiver. But alas, winter is coming! Here's a quick update on what's on trend for hair color this chilly season. 

One of the big trends this winter season is going richer and deeper with color. Because skin tones are a little lighter, adding more depth to hair color can help you feel like you're not pale and sickly. 

We achieve this type of coloring with the use of foiling or hand-painting sections of the hair with highlights and lowlights to perfectly blend and add tone and depth. 

One thing to note is that you can still be blonde and add depth in the form of lowlights that our highly trained stylists will artfully place in your hair.

Here's a couple of examples of adding depth to your color, but still keeping it natural and easy-to-maintain. 


Another trend this winter is to try a bold color. We usually use our demi-permanent line for this, which conditions the hair while adding lots of shine and depth, but is less commitment for someone who wants to try something new, but wants the ability to go back to their original color with more ease.

Here's a few examples.


Whatever your coloring needs are, Echo Salon stylists are trained and ready to help you through a hair color update this season.

We always start each color appointment off with a full consultation. We also offer free color consultations if you're nervous about scheduling for your color. Please visit our services tab in our website to learn more about pricing, or call us 616.742.9980 for more information. 

We hope this winter is full of coziness, family time, great hair, and good vibes. 

xo, Melissa