Salon Grade Shampoo and Conditioner: Is it Worth it?

For many, buying shampoo is just another item on the grocery list- something you don’t give a second thought about. However, as more of us continue to educate ourselves with the goal of taking better care of our bodies, we are realizing that this also applies to hair care.

It is a commonly accepted notion that you are what you eat: If I want to have a healthy body, I need to increase my whole food intake. The same goes for hair products: If I want to ensure my hair is looking and feeling it’s absolute best, I need to use products that are quality. However, a lot of people are on the fence about professional, salon quality products- what’s the difference? Is it worth the higher cost? 


Everyone knows what works best for them and all we can do as stylists is present you with the knowledge to decide for yourself, but the simple answer for us is YES- salon grade products are worth it.

The first reason for this is ingredients. Products purchased in the store are less expensive because the ingredients added are of a low quality and there’s a low concentration of nutrients and vitamins and a high concentration of fillers and chemicals.

What are fillers? This can be anything a company adds to take up room in the product: water, alcohol, wax and/or animal fat. Fillers are what give your hair the illusion of feeling super soft and shiny, but they’re really just creating a waxy layer on your hair. There is no penetration of the product to actually treat your hair. Does your hair feel heavy or smell like burning product when you curl or flat iron? Say hello to fillers. Not only does this affect your hair when styling but in turn, you use more product to wash more often because your hair isn’t actually being cleaned. Over-washing partnered with the added chemicals actually dries out your hair and scalp and strips the natural oils that keep your hair healthy as well as stripping hair color.


Because of the excess washing you might be doing, you buy shampoo more often than you need. Five dollars doesn’t seem like a lot, but when you buy some every couple weeks, it adds up fast. In comparison, salon grade products are incredibly concentrated with the ingredients your hair needs- As an R+Co salon our products are formulated without parabens, sulfates, petroleum, gluten, or mineral oil. Without fillers, the smallest amount of our shampoo goes a long way; a bottle of shampoo can last over 50 washes (depending on hair characteristics). It’s a higher cost up front ($24-30), but the longevity of the products ensures your money is well spent and in the long run, you’re not saving much by opting for store bought. 

At the end of the day, we are all about guest satisfaction and as a salon we stand behind our products. The quality of our products is worth the cost and once you make the switch to salon quality you won’t want go back. The health of your hair will improve dramatically and the results will show. We guarantee that if you try our products you will love them. If you try something out and you don’t love it, you can exchange it so we can find the perfect fit for your style.