Change is in the [H]air

Ready for a change this fall? There’s so many options when it comes to changes with your hair!

Bold, simple, classic, smart, blunt, choppy, textured, contrasting- what do you crave?


Our suggestion is to start a mood board on Pinterest, but be very selective about what you want your style to be. Don’t just pin pictures of hair- pin art or architecture that intrigues you, pin fashion that inspires you. Try it! Bring in your mood board to your next appointment and we will use all our professional skill to help bring your style to life.


Remember, all new guests receive $5 off their first cut or $15 off their first color, and if you send in a friend, you’ll get a $10 kickback on retail!

If you’re totally nervous or just confused about what to do, schedule a free consultation by clicking the services tab on our website.

We are so excited to meet you and get to know you and your hair.

xo Echo Babes